Dircons Developments is a property investment & luxury development company focusing on touristic developments, and residential, commercial, and hospitality real estate in Greece.

Aware of the increasing demand for tourism services in Greece and responding to the constantly changing market needs, Dircons Developments was founded in 2014, focusing on real estate management, development, and exploitation of real estate assets.

Focusing on location and comfort, Dircons Developments constantly extend the company’s portfolio, maintaining project acquisition levels high as well as curtailing the time between acquisition and development. We undertake our own development projects, provide development management services and reinvest capital efficiently and strategically, to deliver projects on time, on budget, and on targets. We deliver value through a blend of rigorous analysis, proactive management and modern design.

With broad professional experience in real estate as well as strong business acumen, we identify the latent potential in a piece of real estate and strategically decide on the most effective ways to maximize its value.

Our team is constantly seeking opportunities that let us apply our asset management expertise to offer increased growth potential and, at every step of the process, we focus on providing first-class services.

Our promise Quality, style, comfort and innovation are the leading compass in the design and building of our luxury developments.


Our experience in luxury accommodation will be a magnificent asset to your memorable vacations.

We also understand that to make successful and sustainable developments and maintain excellent standards of service, we must also cultivate a culture of both social and environmental responsibility as a company.


We develop different types of exceptional properties in the best parts of Athens and deliver quality results both on time and on budget.

Our Core Values


Strategically building a team for important projects is an efficient way to tackle a company’s challenges – we can achieve as a team what an individual cannot. Effective communication is vital in delivering any project regardless of size while it’s also important in developing a sense of ownership and accountability for our work.


We are constantly striving to grow both as individuals and as a company. We trust that strong business acumen, in-depth market awareness and continuous education are key to evolution and those very qualities continue to push us forward as a company.


Quality for our team means maintaining thorough standards for all of our projects, regardless of size. We are greatly committed to providing provide high-quality service and we truly care about achieving excellent results.


We aim to be a reliable partner for clients, partners, and employees. Transparency and open communication are essential to building lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on honouring our partnerships and commitments.


We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships. We work in a manner that establishes trust, honesty, dependability and responsibility, and follow through on promises. Integrity exists because of who we are, not just what we do.


Dircons Developments is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of accommodation.